The Best Ways You Can Listen to Music While Riding (3 Easy Tips)

Listening to music on a motorcycle is quite tricky. All you have to do is turn on the radio to listen to music in a car, but things aren’t as simple when it comes to a motorcycle.

So you may be wondering?

What’s the best way to listen to music while riding your motorcycle?

In this article, we’ll discuss several easy ways motorcycle riders can listen to music while riding.

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Quick Answer: can you listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

There are a few ways to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. The first way is to install a motorcycle stereo system. The second way is to wear a Bluetooth helmet, which will allow you to listen to music wirelessly. Third way is to use a Bluetooth Intercom headset, which will let you talk to other people while you’re riding. Another option is to use noise canceling ear buds, which is not the safest option and you have to check with your state laws as it might not be legal to do so.

Laws regarding listening to music while riding a motorcycle:

A few laws in some states of the US indeed forbid motorcycle or bike riders from wearing earbuds or any headphones since they have to be able to hear surrounding sounds and have as much awareness as possible on the road.

It’s recommended to check if your state allows you to wear earbuds or headphones while riding a motorcycle, but those aren’t the only ways to listen to music on a motorcycle.

You can use Bluetooth helmet speakers or a Bluetooth wireless headset to listen to music playing on your phone. Suppose you want other riders to also listen to music or are just a fan of loud music. In that case, you can add a motorcycle stereo system to your motorcycle for a better listening experience at the cost of some extra money.

However, you also have to be careful even if earbuds or noise-canceling headphones are allowed in your state or if you’re using some other method of listening to songs while riding. That is because some of these headphones or wireless headsets can cancel all the noise of other vehicles on the road, making you less aware of your surroundings and external noise, which can be extremely dangerous.

best ways to listen to music While Riding motorcycle:

1. Motorcycle Stereo Speakers:

A Motorcycle Stereo System is a safe and legal way to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. Most riders don’t prefer using such Stereo Systems since everyone can hear what they’re listening to, and they know others might not love listening to the same type of soft music as much as they do.

Using a stereo system is also quite easy. All the controls are near the handlebar, so it takes less time to select or skip songs. Most motorcycles don’t come with a stereo system, but you can easily get it installed.

You can also pair the stereo system with just your phone to listen to music as you ride along on your motorcycle.

2. Bluetooth Helmet:

A lot of riders prefer to own more than one motorcycle helmet.

The most popular choice being a Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet because it’s an easy way to listen to your favorite music while riding. These helmets have built-in speakers that can be paired with your mobile phone using its Bluetooth technology.

There are no wires, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wiring jumbled up or any earbuds falling out of your ear on the road. Bluetooth helmets are quite common these days. You can also receive phone calls or communicate with another motorcycle rider using the intercom function.

The other interesting feature of Bluetooth helmets is the fact that you can also use GPS with those. Using a GPS with a Bluetooth helmet saves you from the trouble of looking at your phone again and again while riding a motorcycle.

Most Bluetooth helmets have external controls that can be operated with a gloved hand, which makes the helmet very easy to use.

You’ll have to check the sound quality of your Bluetooth helmet speakers before buying them. It is quite common for such helmets to have terrible sound quality. Otherwise, these helmets are one of the best ways to listen to music on the road. You’ll find that the most expensive helmets have better sound quality than cheaper ones.

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3. Bluetooth Headsets:

Bluetooth Headsets are helmet-mounted speakers. These wireless headsets work very similarly to a Bluetooth helmet and have similar features.

You can make and receive phone calls with these headsets and listen to music. You can also simultaneously talk with other riders wearing a Bluetooth headset via intercom.

However, keep in mind that most Bluetooth headsets can only connect with headsets of the same company for the intercom feature to work. So, both you and your rider friend will need to have a headset belonging to the same manufacturer to use the intercom feature.

Bluetooth headsets of external controls can easily be paired with an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

The best thing about a Bluetooth headset is that if you don’t have a Bluetooth helmet to listen to music or want to give Bluetooth features to your existing helmet, then you can attach a Bluetooth headset to it.

There are other ways to listen to music as well if your state allows, such as earbuds or wireless Bluetooth headphones. If you do decide to use earbuds, keep the volume low, and ensure that your helmet has speaker pockets.

If your helmet doesn’t come with speaker pockets, you can buy helmet inserts separately to accommodate that. Also, make sure you don’t use anything with wires.

It would also be a good idea to check the controls of whatever method you’re using to listen to music. If you try to figure out how to select or skip songs on the road on your Bluetooth headset or motorcycle sound stereo system, you can get in an accident due to not focusing on the road.

Pros of listening to music on a motorcycle:

Better Alertness: Most people might feel more alert while listening to music. Riding for a long time can get boring and might make you switch to your subconscious mind, but listening to music makes you more alert and keeps you in your senses throughout the ride.

Better Mood: It doesn’t matter if you’re at your home or on the road on your motorcycle. Listening to your favorite music tends to improve your mood drastically.

Less Stress: The best way to relieve more stress is to listen to music. Some good music will help you forget the world’s worries on your motorcycle so you can ride with a clear mind without overthinking.

Blocks Wind Noise: Music helps you reduce the impact of wind noise and the noise coming from your motorcycle. Listening to the noise coming from your motorcycle and the road noise for an extended time can get very annoying, but music helps in reducing all that noise.

Cons of listening to music on a motorcycle:

Blocks Out Important Sounds: Listening to music at a high volume can block out important sounds on the road. It can be potentially dangerous as you might miss out on hearing horns coming from other vehicles or sirens and get into accidents.

Annoying To Others: Listening to music on a motorcycle sound stereo system can make others feel annoyed.

Music Causes Distraction: While you’re listening to music, there will come a time when you remove your hand from the handlebar for a second to switch the song, adjust volume, or turn off the system completely. If your hand isn’t on the handlebar for even a small second, then you’re not in full control of the motorcycle, and this can result in an accident or collision.


There are many benefits of listening to music while riding, such as improving your mood, reducing stress, and overall enhanced riding experience.

There are a variety of ways that you can listen to music while riding, which includes using motorcycle speakers, Bluetooth helmets with built in speakers, or wearing Bluetooth intercom headset. Choose the method of listening to music that works best for you and makes you feel comfortable while riding.

Always Be aware of your surroundings when listening to music and always practice safe riding habits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use Airpods while riding a motorcycle?

You can wear Airpods if your helmet features speaker pockets. However, it isn’t legal to wear earbuds or headphones while riding a motorcycle in some states of the US. So, make sure you check if it’s legal in your state or not before wearing Airpods on a motorcycle.

How do you listen to music on a motorcycle?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy music while riding a motorcycle. You can use a motorcycle sound stereo system, a Bluetooth helmet, or a headset to listen to music on a motorcycle.

Can you use wireless earbuds while riding a motorcycle?

If the helmet features speaker pockets, you can comfortably wear earbuds under your helmet. Be sure to check if it’s legal to wear earbuds or headphones while riding in your state before wearing those on the road.

Is listening to music while riding a motorcycle good?

Listening to music while riding a motorcycle has its advantages and disadvantages. But, if we talk about advantages, then listening to music while riding can make you more alert, improve your mood, and relieve some of your stress.

Can you listen to music playing in a motorcycle helmet while riding?

Yes, if you’re using a Bluetooth helmet or a Bluetooth headset, you can easily listen to music while wearing your motorcycle helmet

Are Bluetooth helmets legal in the US?

Bluetooth helmets are completely legal in the US. These helmets allow you to make and receive phone calls while also allowing you to listen to music while riding a motorcycle.

Do Bluetooth helmets have speakers?

Yes, all Bluetooth helmets come with built-in speakers. You can also add Bluetooth functionality to a regular helmet by installing a Bluetooth headset on it.

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