6 Easy Tips to Stop Helmet Visor Fogging

Are you tired of your visor constantly fogging up? Are you desperately trying to find how to keep your helmet visor clean and clear?

If yes, then you are in the right place. We understand your problem, and that is why we’ve brought to you this article, which to some extent can help you with the issue at hand, so please don’t think of giving up wearing your helmet yet!

Safety gears are very important to wear, but when a rider faces problems while wearing them, he may find ways to improve his experience or stop wearing it. When the helmet’s visor constantly keeps fogging up, it is irritating and dangerous because it reduces the rider’s vision, and the lack of view can cause uncertain situations.

Most times, riders prefer not wearing a helmet because of such problems but not wearing a helmet can also put their lives at risk.

And obviously, you’re here because you want solutions to your problem, so without further ado, let’s discover how to prevent motorcycle helmet visor from fogging.

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Why do helmet visors fog up?

Low temperature causes the visor’s fogging; this may be because the visor’s temperature lowers too, and it results in the air inside the helmet to condense on the inside of the visor, and that is how the visor fogs up. Fogging of the visor happens mostly during rain and cold weather, so this problem might be unbearable for people who constantly travel through cold areas.

6 Things You Can Do To Prevent Helmet Visor fogging:

1. Open the vents of the helmet

Most of the good reviewed and high-quality visors come with an advanced ventilation system. The ventilation system consists of several air channels or airports called vents. These vents work to manage the airflow inside the helmet. By maintaining the airflow, the inner part of the helmet remains cool.

The airflow also helps in keeping the moisture inside the helmet low. So opening as many vents as possible can help decrease the humidity inside the helmet, ultimately preventing the plastic face shield from fogging up.  If you’d like to know more about ventilation systems, then check our beginner’s helmet buying guide.

2. Use pinlock visors

A Pinlock visor is a special kind of visor with a double glazed shield made from silicon. The double sheets have space between them with air in it, which works as an insulator, so when the visor’s temperature gets too low, the air makes the visor warm, which prevents the fogging. Pinlock visors are not much expensive than normal visors, and they can be easily installed in any helmet with the capacity for a visit.

Therefore if you choose a pinlock visor, you will pretty much be free of worries that your visor may fog up. But before buying the visor, it is essential to make sure that there is no space left for extra air to go inside the pinlock visor sheets. If the air can penetrate between the two sheets, then the air’s moisture will seep and collect inside the visor and restrict the vision.

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3. Wear a facemask

Wearing a face mask under the helmet is obvious when talking about how to keep the helmet visor from fogging up; this is the easiest thing you can do to prevent fogging. There is a special anti-fogging mask available in stores that can be easily bought.

The famous face mask is called the respro foggy mask; it is a neoprene type of mask that can be easily worn inside the helmet; it covers the nose and mouth and stops the fogging to a good amount. The respro foggy mask also has high-quality reviews and is affordable. The face masks may be a good solution to the problem because they decrease the sudden pressure of the air from the rider’s face to the inside of the visor, which reduces fogging.

But there are also side effects to that, and the rider may feel suffocation at some point while wearing the mask, and it also may direct the air up to the eyes, so if the rider wears glasses, then that air can fog up his glasses.

4. Make sure the visor is clean

Sometimes face shields, otherwise called visors, fog up because of dust or other substances present.  Washing your visor at least once in three days, and keeping it clean can prevent fogging. Make sure to wash the inside of the visor as well as outside, because sometimes you may think that your face shield is fogging up, but in reality, it has dust stuck on it.
Cleaning materials such as anti-fogging cleaner can also be used, and they provide an efficient and lasting effect. If you use goggles or any eye protection glasses, you can also clean them with anti-fogging cleaners.

5. Use anti-fogging cleaning products

Sometimes you may have the time to clean and wash your motorcycle helmet, especially when you’re on your way to someplace and your visor constantly keeps fogging up. Hence, for those unfortunate situations, there is a solution. To stop the visor from fogging up, you can use anti-fogging instant spray, these are easily available, and if the bottle is small, then you can even keep it in your bag or pocket. There are certain products available for spraying and cleaning the face shield.

These products have special chemical substances called water repellents, and the process of applying this on the visor of the helmet is called the anti-fogging treatment of the visor. On the other hand, you also have another choice, which is to use anti-fogging wipes. Anti-fog wipes are basically like normal wipes, but they are specially designed for glass and plastic applications.

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6. Keep opening the visor gradually

After reading the solutions above, you might think, “so what if these things don’t work for me?”, Therefore this is for those who have tried everything in their power, but their helmet visor still keeps fogging up.

This simple step is to open your visor gradually. What this means that when you feel like your visor is going to fog up while riding, then park your motorcycle in a safe place, flip your visor up for a while and flip it down before continuing your ride, or you can keep the visor up for a little bit longer while you continue your ride.

This-flipping the visor up momentarily- may seem obvious to do, but there are also side effects to this; dirt and wind can cause a distraction if you ride with your visor up, so keep that in mind.


We hope that through this guide, you could find something that could be of use to you. Visor fogging up may be a common issue, but it can cause severe harm if the issue is not handled; it can distract or restrict your vision, which is extremely dangerous because a rider must have a clear vision of the road in front of him. There are many helmets available that offer anti-fogging face shields and flip-up visors. If you want to know more about that, check out our ultimate guide on types of helmet 2021.

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