How Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmets Works? (Explained)

A helmet is an essential accessory for those who want to safely ride their motorcycle. But sometimes it might make you feel like you are disconnected from the rest of the world. This is where Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come in.

Bluetooth helmets can establish a wireless connection with another Bluetooth-enabled device. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of a few cool features – for example, receive calls, listen to your favorite music, and communicate with other motorcyclists.

What are the main disadvantages of such helmets and, ultimately, is the investment worth it? We’ll help you make up your mind!

How Bluetooth Helmets Work?

Bluetooth mesh technology allows the devices that support this feature to connect to each other and create a flood network.

Just like any other Bluetooth device, such helmets use piconets to establish a connection with your device of choice (no wires required).

Helmets that support mesh connectivity allow you to stay connected even when you’re riding. They have impressive battery life and can be easily connected to your mobile phone.

The best part is that the majority of Bluetooth headsets have additional features that can blow the mind of a passionate motorcycle rider.

Types of Helmets with Bluetooth

When it comes to Bluetooth helmets, there are two main types that you can choose from: Bluetooth-ready and Bluetooth-enabled helmets.

Bluetooth-Ready Helmets

These are the most popular ones as they are incredibly easy to use. They have built-in technology, so you can literally unpack the motorcycle helmet and start using it right away.

The majority of these accessories come with a single-touch technology – you would have to push only one button to get the whole thing working.

Bluetooth-Enabled Helmets

Bluetooth-enabled helmets have special attachments inside that you can use to fixate your own Bluetooth device.

You wouldn’t experience any discomfort, even if you have a full-face helmet, however, a lot of riders prefer ‘ready-to-go’ helmets as they are simply a lot easier to use.

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Main Benefits of Helmets with Bluetooth

In a nutshell, a motorcycle helmet with a Bluetooth function can do all the same things that your Bluetooth headphones can.

Speak to Fellow Riders

This is a great feature for those who are fond of group rides. Whether it’s a small group or large groups of riders, you’ll be able to establish a communication system and have a good-quality talk time.

If you’re a solo rider, you’ll be able to take advantage of the feature when you’re traveling with a passenger (but that is only in case you both have helmets with Bluetooth intercom).

Listen to Music

It might be quite challenging to listen to your favorite tunes when you’re riding a motorcycle.

But Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms have made it possible for riders to enjoy their own music whenever they want without disturbing anyone else on the road.

Some helmets come with built in FM radio and music streaming. Of course, you can listen to your songs of choice by connecting your phone to the helmet.

Some of those are great for music sharing as well, simply make sure to choose a helmet with amazing sound quality and you’re good to go.

Receive Traffic Updates

Motorcycles and traffic jams just don’t go together.

A Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system will help you avoid wasting your time and nerves in the traffic as you can choose to receive the latest information regarding road congestion.

Hint: get a helmet that will listen to your voice commands to make keeping up with the situation on the road even easier.

Answer Phone Calls

A motorcycle helmet intercom allows you to enjoy hands-free phone calls.

High definition speakers, wind noise cancellation, and incredible audio quality – catch up on work or talk to your family whenever you need to (the battery life would usually allow you to have hours of talk time).

Voice control allows you to not only receive calls but also make them, so don’t forget to check if the helmet that you’re eyeing has such a feature.

Get GPS directions

One rider just can’t afford to stare into his phone all the time to try and figure out where he should be going.

GPS connectivity made it possible for you and other riders to forget about mobile phone maps.

Advanced noise control makes it super easy to hear the exact directions and you can always use a voice command to ask the GPS ‘voice’ to repeat the information.

Other Features

Some of the best motorcycle helmets include so many various functions that you mind find it challenging to remember all of them. You can go for a waterproof headset with an additional power bank, an integrated chin bar, and an attachable boom microphone. As they say, the world is your oyster.

Safety Rules When Using Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Even though a lot of people think that using a Bluetooth headset already makes your journey a lot safer, that is not always the case.

At times, motorcycle intercom systems can be distracting, so make sure to follow these simple rules when using your new toy:

  • Always connect the motorcycle helmet to your phone before the beginning of the ride. Trying to connect the devices while you’re riding can be dangerous.
  • Even though it might be tempting to turn on the FM radio to the fullest (especially if you have gone for a helmet with the best sound quality), it is not advised to listen to music that is too loud while you’re wearing your Bluetooth headset. The tune might not only distract you from the road but also make it impossible for you to hear what’s going on around you.
  • Avoid changing the songs or making any adjustments to the helmet communication system while turning. Get a device that will be listening to your voice commands to avoid such issues.

Is It Worth Getting a Bluetooth Helmet?

You would have to admit, the features of these types of helmets really do sound spectacular. But such accessories are also quite pricey.

A Bluetooth-ready helmet or a kit that includes the headset and the actual helmet might cost you up to $600 (or even more). Remember that if you need such a device in order to be able to communicate with a passenger, you would have to get not one, but two helmets.

To figure out whether the devices are actually worth it, you should first find out more about their ‘cons’.

  • Bluetooth helmets can be used to communicate with other riders, but on twisted roads, the connectivity between different motorcycles can be spotty.
  • Some helmets feature a noise filtering technology that can actually also dampen the voices of other riders when they’ll try to speak to you.
  • When it comes to music, being able to listen to your favorite tunes from inside the helmet is definitely a huge plus. But, at the same time, loud music can prevent you from hearing the noises around you (for example, an emergency siren) and that certainly can’t be considered safe.
  • Another safety concern is associated with distraction. When you are chatting to your friend, going through your playlist, or trying to type in your destination into Google Maps, you are not as concentrated on the road as you could have been.
  • Such ‘smart’ helmets need to be recharged. Even though the battery life of a lot of devices is quite impressive, you would still have to recharge the helmet every couple of days, if you tend to use it on a regular basis.

With that being said, a lot of riders are convinced that Bluetooth helmets are the future. If you are looking for a new helmet and if you want to be able to communicate and listen to music while on the road, then such a device might be worth the investment for you.

Tip: going for the cheapest helmet available on the market is not a great idea. The more money you spend on such a helmet, the better quality you’re going to get (in terms of efficiency and range).

Final Thoughts

Now you know exactly how Bluetooth helmets work and what these devices have to offer.

The trick here is that the more money you’ll end up investing in the helmet, the higher the chances that you’re going to enjoy using such a cool accessory.

Make sure to take your time and try out different options. If you’re ordering online, double-check whether the company has a failsafe return policy or not.

Finally, getting such a helmet is always more exciting, if your fellow rider already has one or is planning on making a purchase. Otherwise, you can simply use Bluetooth headphones to enjoy music and activate Siri.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bluetooth Helmets Play Music?

You can certainly use your motorcycle intercom system to play music. The Bluetooth headset inside the helmet can connect to your phone or an MP3 player, for example.

Can You Listen to FM Radio on a Bluetooth Helmet?

The Bluetooth headset inside your helmet can also be used to listen to the radio.
Some speakers already come with FM tuners built inside them. Or you can always choose your phone’s FM radio player to listen to your station of choice

Can Bluetooth Helmets Talk to Each Other?

This is exactly how motorcycle helmet intercoms work. They can connect to each other and take your group ride to a whole new level.

One simple rule that you would have to follow is to try and get the type of Bluetooth headset that the other riders already have.

Intercom ability is pretty impressive and you can enjoy universal connectivity when it comes to Bluetooth technology, but getting the wireless intercom from at least the same brand is definitely recommended.

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