Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have Peak Visors? (Explained)

I was out dirt bike riding recently when I started thinking about why dirt bike helmets have peak visors?

I mean, there helmet design looks completely different from other street bike helmets.

So I decided to do some in-depth research to uncover this mystery, here’s what I found.

Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have Visors

The visor on a dirt bike helmet is there to help protect the rider from the unique conditions of off road riding that includes debris, mud, tree branches, and protection against rain or sun.

Motocross helmets (dirt bike helmets) provide better protection for many riders, riding a dirt bike, and combined with vented goggles, a rider will get optimal face protection without a face shield.

the purpose of A dirt bike helmet Visor

Unlike traditional street bike helmets, motocross helmets (dirt bike helmets) are designed to protect riders for the unique conditions of off-road riding.

There visor peak is often shaped liked the brim of a baseball cap, but provides various benefits to dirt bike riders.

Dirt bike helmet visors helps with:

  • Roost & Flying Debris
  • Tree Branches & Brushes
  • Weather Conditions


In dirt bike riding, roost or rooster is dirt from the wheels of a racer kicked up by the bike in front of you. This especially happens to many riders during trail riding.

motocross roost

It can be rocks, sand, dirt, or mud, and it can be dangerous if it hits you in the face, and looks to resemble a rooster tail.

The visor brim on a dirt bike helmet is curved inward so that it deflects various elements away from the rider’s face.

Tree branches

If you’re riding a dirt bike on a trail, or in the woods there’s always the possibility of a branch hitting you in the face.

The visor will deflect those branches away from the rider’s face so that you don’t get injured or hurt.

tree branches

In addition, the peak adds another layer of protection for the rider’s head from small tree brushes when your off-road riding.

Tip: Always wear googles to help protect you eyes and face from getting hit with smaller objects.


While it may suck if the weather conditions are not optimal when your out riding, the peak may help to keep the glare from the sun out of rider’s eyes.

The peak visor functions like as baseball cap and act as a blocker against the harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as irritating glare that is often made worse by dusty goggles.

If it’s raining, the visor will help to keep the rain out of your face and helmet, and help to provide a more clear view.

types of dirt bike helmet visors

There are two main types of visors: built-in and detachable

Built-in Visors

Built-in visors are a great way to keep your eyes protected from any dirt that gets thrown in their direction.

dirt bike helmet with visor peak

They’re built as permanent fixtures, so they typically don’t come off easily and can withstand most accidents without issue.

Detachable Visors

Detachable visors are a great option for riders who want the flexibility to switch out their visor for different conditions.

The visors on these helmets tend to be wider and provide extra protection against weather, tree branches, and roost.

When should you use a dirt bike helmet visor

It’s important to consider what type of riding you plan on doing before picking out your visor.

Casual riders will want something that offers protection but doesn’t get in the way while riding, like an integrated or built-in design.

More advanced users may prefer a helmet with a removable or attachable visor, for different trails or styles of riding.

Why Motocross helmets Shaped Differently from motorcycle helmets

These helmets appear different from motorcycle helmets because it’s designed for off road use and helps protect against flying debris that can be picked up while racing.

A motorcycle helmet typically have a clear visor face shield, while a motocross helmet often have a wide open port design for good ventilation and use of googles.

Motocross helmets also typically have a pointed chin bar, to provide more open space, and airflow around your face.

Although, There are dual sport helmets available that combines both motocross helmets and street helmets into one hybrid helmet. Some dirt bike riders prefer to have this helmet available as a secondary helmet.

If you want to read more about the different types of helmets click here.


Dirt bike helmet visors are important for a variety of reasons. They protect your eyes from the sun, debris, and other elements while riding dirt bikes.

Motocross helmets have wide view ports for the use of goggles, and designed to keep your face cool and shaded.

If you’re looking for optimal protection when dirt biking, be sure to wear a dirt bike helmet with a visor attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear A Dirt Bike Helmet On The Road?

Dirt bike helmets are designed to be worn off-road and have features that make them more effective in that environment. On the road, a regular motorcycle helmet would be more appropriate, or you could use a dual sport helmet too.

Why wear googles with motocross helmets?

The large viewing areas enable riders to wear goggles, providing more protection from dirt, sun glare, and other small particles. Furthermore, riding goggles will help keep the wind, dust and bugs out of rider’s eyes at the dirt track.

Why Don’t Dirt Bike Helmets Have Face Shields?

The main reason for this is that a dirt bike helmet’s primary purpose is to ventilate and cool the head, and a face shield would impede airflow. Additionally, a face shield would obstruct the rider’s eyes when trying to navigate tight trails.

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