What To Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked (Solved)

Everyone knows the feeling of not knowing what to do with the motorcycle helmet when leaving your bike parked in the parking lot.

Now, if for some reason you don’t want to carry the helmet in your hands, leaving it hanging on your bike in the open can be dangerous since anyone can steal it or it might fall to the ground, which can result in the helmet getting damaged.

Leaving it on the ground is not wise since you want to protect your investment.

So, what can you do with your helmet?

In this article We’ll tell you what to do, and why shouldn’t you carry your helmet with you.

What to do with Motorcycle Helmet When You Park Motorcycle?

There are several things you can do with your motorcycle helmet. If you have an expensive helmet, leaving it hanging on your bike frame or bike’s seat might not be a good idea as anyone can just take it and go on their way. Locking it with your bike using a wire locking cable is also a good idea since the helmet will stay in one place for an extended period till you get back.

However, wire locks aren’t highly secure, as anyone can break those with the right tools these days. If you live in a rough neighborhood, the chances are that leaving your helmet on the bike might not be an option at all.

A helmet bag might be the best option in these types of situations. You can just strap the bag on your shoulder or hang it on your back and take the helmet with you. A helmet bag will keep your hands free, while also giving you peace of mind that your helmet is in safe hands.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Carry Your Helmet with You:

1) Helmet takes up space:

Carrying your helmet with you for a short trip might sound secure and comfortable, but if you’re going to buy something, imagine holding the grocery shopping bags along with your helmet. You’d wish you hadn’t brought it along in the first place.

2) Forgetting the helmet:

If you’re a forgetful person like me, you might sit at a table to enjoy a cup of coffee and forget your helmet there. You’ll have to come back from halfway through when you realize you left the helmet on the table.

3) Depends on where you’re going:

When you’re going somewhere or visiting someone, you might have to place the helmet on the ground or might even have to take your eyes off it for a couple of seconds. Placing your helmet on the floor is not recommended as it can get dirty, or someone might trip over it or steal it.

4) Helmet’s weight:

If you have a heavy full-face helmet, it might not be a great idea to take it with you. Carrying around a heavy helmet will eventually make you tired.

Using a helmet bag might solve your problem more easily.

5) Safe neighborhood:

If you’re sure the place you’re parking your motorcycle is safe and there’s a security guard around to watch over it, or if you’ll only be a short distance away from the bike, leaving the helmet on the bike might be the best option. It will save you from the trouble of carrying around the helmet in your hands.

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How To Secure Your Helmet with Your Motorcycle:

1. Using built-in motorcycle lock:

Some bikes have built-in motorcycle locks that can easily lock your helmet. They’ll keep your helmet locked till you’re back after taking care of your business. Built-in motorcycle locks are easy to use and provide a high level of security to your bike and your helmet.

2. Using a padlock:

If your bike doesn’t have a built-in lock, you can also use a padlock instead of leaving your helmet and bike unlocked in the open. A padlock can help you with locking your bike and your helmet together by using the chin bar of the helmet and locking it to any available place on the motorcycle.

3. Using Motorcycle Helmet Lock:

You can also use the motorcycle helmet lock to secure the helmet with your bike. The issue is that not all bikes come with a helmet lock. A helmet lock is not very secure since all the thief would have to do is cut the helmet’s chin strap and be on his way with your bike and helmet.

Some helmet locks are also quite loose, which lets the helmet rock due to the wind and might scratch the paint job on it. It is still a better option than leaving the helmet unlocked.

4. Using bicycle chain lock:

A bicycle chain lock is an easy way to secure your helmet, but it isn’t the best one. That is because you’ll have to place your helmet on the ground to lock it with the chain lock. Leaving your helmet on the ground might get it dirty with all the dust around, and some stray animals might even leave their dirt on it. Chain locks are also quite robust and might even damage your helmet.

5. Using a pistol lock:

A pistol lock or a gun lock is an excellent way to lock your helmet. Most gunlocks might fit your helmet, and you’ll be able to lock it in place, making sure it doesn’t go anywhere. But, the issue with gun locks is that most of them aren’t long enough to fit a helmet.

Even if you have a gun lock that fits your helmet, the chances are that there won’t be much space for the helmet to move, and you might even have to force the helmet in such a position which might result in the paint getting scratched.

6- Put in a backpack:

Using a helmet backpack is ideally the best way to take care of your helmet. It is with you in safe hands and completely secure. Your hands are free to do anything, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting the helmet since it is almost always on your back. Most helmet backpacks are rain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the weathering conditions or the regular dust and dirt.

Whether you’re going away for a minute or an hour, using a helmet backpack is the safest way to secure your helmet while your motorcycle is parked.


There are many ways to deal with your helmet while your bike is parked. You can lock it, leave it unlocked, or carry it with yourself in your hands or a backpack. It all depends on how long you will be gone for and which type of neighborhood you’re parking your bike in. In most cases, the safest course of action is to take the helmet with you inside a helmet backpack.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should I leave my helmet on my bike?

If you’re going for a long while or too far away from your parked bike’s location, it is a good idea to take the helmet with you. If you’re sure the neighborhood is safe and some security guard is looking over the parking lot, then leaving the helmet on the bike is fine.

Where to hang my bike helmet?

You can hang your bike helmet on your bike’s handlebars, leave it on the bike seat, or even leave it on the footpegs. Remember that leaving your helmet on the bike can be pretty risky.

How to keep a bike helmet safe?

You can lock your bike helmet along with the bike, but the best way to keep your helmet safe is to take it with you in a helmet bag or while carrying it in your hands.

Where do motorcyclists keep their helmets when parked?

Regular motorcyclists take their helmets along with them inside a motorcycle helmet backpack. A helmet backpack makes sure you always have the helmet near you, and there’s no risk of theft. It also provides a sense of peace of mind.

How to lock an open helmet?

There are no locks for an open-face helmet. However, you have the option of taking the helmet with you in a helmet backpack.

Which type of helmet lock is the best?

There are a lot of ways to lock your helmet with the bike, and all of them provide just about the same level of protection. A padlock or a built-in motorcycle helmet lock is slightly safer options than the others.

Should I lock my helmet to the motorcycle?

It is always a good idea to lock your helmet with your motorcycle because leaving your helmet unlocked is basically asking for it to get stolen. Even if the helmet doesn’t get stolen, it might still fall on the ground and get damaged.

How do helmet locks work?

Helmet locks are designed to lock your helmet to your bike or motorcycle using a wire in most cases. Once locked, the helmet will not be going anywhere until you unlock it.

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