Everyone has bad days, but that is not because the day itself is supposed to be bad, but that may be because something happens that disrupts your routine and plans.

For example, imagine this:

You wake up in a very good mood. You get up, have a nice cup of tea/coffee and enjoy your nice bowl of cereals while reading the newspaper. After that you get ready and brush your hair into a hairstyle that surprisingly turns out to be a really good one!

How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Helmet
How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Helmet

You get on your motorcycle, wear your helmet, plug in your earphones, and accelerate your way to your workplace while enoying listening to your favorite music, after reaching, you get off the bike, take off your helmet- wait, Oh no!

Your helmet has ruined your hairstyle, and now you look like an electrocuted chicken with number of strands standing erect on your head and most of them tangled like some earphones that are taken out of someone’s pocket.

So if you’re one of those people who are tired of their bad helmet hair, then you might be in the right place!

In this article, you will find out how to wear a helmet without messing up hair or simply how to avoid helmet hair because maintaining that may not be as hard as you might think. Hopefully, some or all of the motorcycle helmet hair solutions mentioned below can help you overcome the issue at hand.

7 Things You Can do to maintain your hairstyle while wearing a helmet

1- Make sure your hair is clean

One of the seven things you can do to maintain your helmet hair is making sure your hair is clean, clean in the sense that they’re not sticky from sweat or has some dust sticking to it because of environmental pollution. Doing this will help your hair to smooth down easily after taking off your helmet. Also keeping your hair clean will give you less discomfort as you ride while wearing a helmet.

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2- Keeping your hair moisturized

The second step is to keep your hair moisturized. You should do this by using a well-reputed product; this can help your hair be more in shape and stay untangle and healthy. There are many good hair moisturizing products available that can also nourish the hair growth. The purpose of a moisturizer is to keep the dryness away because dryness can cause the hair strands to stand but don’t put too much moisturizer on because it can make your hair greasy too.

3- Avoid wearing a helmet on wet hair

Wearing the helmet on wet hair can cause disasters; it can not only cause headaches due to the constant coldness, but it can also cause dandruff and long-term scalp problems. So avoid wearing your helmet while your hair is still wet. Either you should wait for your hair to dry or use a hairdryer.

4- Adapt suitable hairstyles

Changing your hairstyle can help save your hair from getting tangled while wearing a helmet, especially when you have long hair. Low bun, side ponytails, and braids can help the riders with long hair maintain their hairstyle. And if you’re wondering how to prevent helmet hair with short hair, then the best advice for you is to comb your hair in an upward or backward direction instead of combing them to the sides.

5- Wear a cloth under the helmet

You can also avoid such bad hair by wearing a headscarf or a cap over your head before you wear your helmet. Wearing a cloth can help in keeping your hair untangled and in shape. You can say this may be one of your motorcycle helmet hair accessories.

6- Use hair products

Using hair products like hair gel or hair sprays can also help prevent your hair from being tangled. But keep in mind that such hair products can cause harm to your hair and reduce hair growth, so choosing a good brand is essential for this step. After using a hair product don’t leave your hair unwashed for too long, wash your hair the same day you apply hair gel or spray.

7- Make sure the helmet is of the correct size

The last thing you can consider is to make sure the size of the helmet you are wearing is correct for your head. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your hair, but you cannot maintain your hairstyle because of the helmet’s incorrect head size. Also, incorrect helmet size not only affects your hairstyle but it may also cause headaches when too tight and can hurt your head if it is too loose. Don’t wear a helmet that is too tight or one that is too loose. If you want to know more about how helmet size works, check out our complete helmet buying guide.


In conclusion, your good hair day can immediately turn into a bad hair day. Now you have two choices, whether to get angry about it or to use the techniques we mentioned in this article. And we know that you will make a good choice because then why would you spend your time reading our article?