How To Customize Motorcycle Helmet

A customized helmet is one that is special and tailored according to your preference. All you have to do is take a regular helmet and do your magic on it to make it stand out.

A custom helmet is one of a kind of helmet that you won’t find anywhere else. It is only yours, and it represents you in a way that no other helmet can.

But, how do you customize a helmet?

There are several ways to customize your helmet, and we’ll tell you all about it.

How to Customize a motorcycle helmet

You can custom paint a helmet, apply pin-striping, stickers, or decals to make the motorcycle helmet look unique and stand out in the crowd.

The following are some of the ways that you can use to make a custom motorcycle helmet. You can do all of these by yourself to give your helmet a new life or just get a professional to do it for you.

Custom Painting your helmet

While there are a lot of color options to choose from when it comes to motorcycle helmets, custom painting is still one of the easiest and simplest ways to make your helmet stand out among the rest.

You can easily paint your helmet’s surface in a unique color or shade that looks good and goes well along with your motorcycle.

You can custom paint your old helmet in two ways. You can spray the whole helmet in the right paint, or you can get it airbrushed.

Airbrushing the helmet’s surface can be tricky and might require you to go to a professional if you don’t want to test your painting skills.

In any case, you’ll need to get all the hardware before your start painting your own custom helmet.

If you don’t go to a professional and decide to do the whole paint job yourself, then you’ll have to follow a few simple steps.

You can also check out our detailed guide, which will teach you how to paint a motorcycle helmet.

First, you’ll have to get a paint can or spray. You can get it from any nearest local hardware store or paint supplier.

Make sure the paint is made up of chemicals that won’t harm the helmet’s material.

Once you’re done painting your custom motorcycle helmet, you can apply a few layers of clear coat to make the paint stick to the helmet for years.

After finishing the paint job, your custom motorcycle helmet would already look like a limited edition unit. However, there are a few other things that you can add.

Stenciling the custom helmet

You can also add a few custom stencil designs to your custom helmet to make it look even more attractive. Adding custom stencils is fairly easy, as all you need is some tape and paper. You’ll have to make the stencil by hand and then carefully press it on the helmet. Make sure the stencil is straight and looks well with the rest of the helmet, and then spray the paint over it.

Applying Decals

If you’re not looking to invest a lot of money and time in your custom motorcycle helmet, then applying decals is the best option for you. You can find a lot of custom motorcycle helmet decals out there on the market, so just buy the one that you find cool and stick it to the helmet. Make sure the helmet is clean from all the dust and grime before you stick the decals on the helmet.

Applying a sticker or decals is a delicate process and will make your custom design even cooler. Once you’ve selected the decals that you’re going to stick on the helmet, you’ll have to make sure the center of the decal touches the helmet first. It will help you in ensuring that there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

If there are any bubbles or wrinkles when you’re done, just apply gentle pressure on it from the center towards the edges, and it’ll help you smooth out the whole thing. If even this method doesn’t fix the decals, you can remove the helmet decal, smooth it out, and apply it again on your custom motorcycle helmet as they don’t lose their proper adhesion.

Using a Helmet Skin

Helmet skins are much like decals, except that these are big enough to cover your entire helmet. Helmet skin is able to cover large surfaces, and you can even cover the entire paint job of a custom helmet with a skin.

Helmet skins are also an effective way of protecting the custom motorcycle helmets’ original paint. These types of skins are often great when it comes to customizing your helmet when you’re not sure what type of paint will be compatible with your helmet and won’t damage its outer shell material.


Pin-striping is a fairly rare skill, but if you know how to do it, then you can easily customize your helmet. Pinstriping is of two types: mechanical pinstriping and freehand striping. Mechanical pinstriping is done with the help of a machine, while freehand striping requires skilled handwork.

Pinstriping is done with the help of a special type of paint. You have to apply a very thin line of paint, but make sure you’ve covered the rest of the helmet, so you don’t get paint anywhere you don’t want to paint.

The best way to make your helmet unique through pin-stripping is to get it to a professional. However, you can also watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube to see how to pin-strip manually.

Wearing a face mask

Face masks are also an attractive way to showcase your individual style. For maximum style points, you can wear a customized helmet, along with a face mask that goes well with the helmet. There are a lot of different types of face masks available out there in different designs and materials.

Leather face masks are quite common, and they keep you warm in cold weather. These types of face masks go well with half-helmets while also protecting your face from rain, wind, dust, and all the forces of nature.

Add-ons and Accessories

You can also attach several add-ons and accessories to your motorcycle helmets to make them look more unique. You can add custom LED lighting on the helmet, as well as bluetooth headset communication devices, and action cameras.

If you’re looking for an action camera, you should check out our list of the top 10 best action cameras for helmets. These action cameras will record everything on the road for you to check out later for safety and entertainment purposes.

You can also add several reflective tapes to your motorcycle helmet to make yourself more noticeable in the dark of the night. There are also several add-ons available online and in stores that will help you add a personalized touch to your helmet and make it look different from regular helmets.


Having your own customized tailored helmet is a sweet experience. It lets you look different from all the other same-looking helmets. If you’ve got your helmet customized, you’ll also have to make sure it follows the safety standards and can protect you in case of an accident or collision. If this post helped you customize your helmet, you should also check our helmet buying guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use on your motorcycle helmets?

Acrylic paints and spray paints are two of the best type of paints that you can use on your motorcycle helmet. Spray paints are also quite affordable, and you can get them just about anywhere.

How much does custom airbrushing cost in the US?

Usually, it depends on the location, but on average most people in the US pay about $350 to $650 for custom airbrushing.

Can you custom airbrush a helmet?

Custom airbrushing a helmet will give it a unique and personalized look that will help you look more attractive on the road.

How much does a custom helmet cost?

A custom paint job on a motorcycle helmet can cost from anywhere around $150 for flat paint to up to more than $600 for a more sophisticated paint job.

What materials are the best for customizing your helmet?

You can use composite fiberglass, kevlar, or carbon fiber as these materials excel at spreading the impact force to protect your head in case of a collision.

What is a motorcycle helmet decal?

A helmet decal is a sticker that can be applied anywhere on the helmet’s surface. There are many different types of helmet decals available on the market.

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