How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor: (5 Easy Steps)

Motorcycle helmets are a valuable investment for any motorcyclist. The best way to make sure a helmet does its job for years while also providing the best protection is to clean your helmet after every ride.

The most tricky part to clean is the motorcycle helmet visor. It is the rider’s window to the outside world as it lets you see everything while also protecting you from all the dust, debris, and grime on the road.

However, motorcycle visors are usually coated in chemicals. You can select the best visor cleaner or follow our methods very carefully. If you’re careless, you could leave some unwanted stains and scratches on the visor, and might harm the anti-fog coating that helps prevent visor fogging. A scratched helmet visor can be dangerous for motorcycle riders, as any obscurity in the rider’s vision could result in an accident.

Quick Answer: How To Clean Visor For Motorcycle Helmet

Mix warm water, a few drops of baby shampoo, and then soak the visor into a bowl for about 5- 10 minutes. Remove visor from bowl to wash surface gently with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and repeat until desired cleanliness. Make sure to dry the visor with a non-abrasive cloth or leave it in the sun for best results.

How To Clean Your Visor:

1) Gathering the cleaning materials:

The first step in cleaning a motorcycle helmet visor is to gather the required cleaning materials. You’ll need the following:

Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning anything. Make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth because using a dirty microfiber rag can leave your helmet dirtier than before by leaving unwanted stains, and the dirt particles trapped inside the cloth can also leave scratches on the visor.

Remember that you can also use paper towels if you don’t have a non-abrasive cloth available.

Warm Water:

Warm water loosens the dirt stuck anywhere on the visor, making it easier to clean. Warm and plain water also doesn’t harm the visor’s coating, and it is also quite easily available anywhere. You’ll also need a bowl or basin to fill the water into. You can also use plain water from your sink to wash the visor.

Baby Shampoo:

Baby shampoo is a fairly common choice by most people as it doesn’t contain hard chemicals that might damage the visor’s coating. You can also use a dedicated visor cleaner to clean your motorcycle helmet visors. Also, avoid using dish soap or any petroleum-based cleaning products to clean the helmet visor as it might end up damaging it

2) Disassembling The Helmet Visor:

You could unscrew the visor and take it out to clean it, or disassemble the entire helmet and clean those other parts as well.

Disassembling the helmet is easy. All you have to do is take out all the helmet’s interior, which would be the cheek pads and liner. Remove the clear visor, and if your helmet has an inner lens or a drop-down sun visor, then take it out as well.

3) Begin The Cleaning Process:

Now that you’re ready to clean the visor, grab a wet microfiber cloth and use it to cover the visor’s surface. The damp cloth will remove and soften most of the dirt that’s stuck on your visor. Let the wet cloth rest on the visor for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will give the dirt all the time to soak up water and get soft.

4) Soak The Visor In Soapy Water:

Put the warm water in a bowl, and mix a few drops of baby shampoo or any other cleaning product that you’re using into the bowl or basin. Make sure you only use a few drops of the cleaning product since using too much soap can harm the visor.

Dip the visor into the bowl of soapy water to wash it. Use a wet microfiber towel and gently wipe the visor’s surface with it, and rinse it afterward. Be careful here, and only gently clean the visor. If you apply too much pressure, then the visor can get scratched very easily. Make sure you apply minimal pressure to gently rub the microfiber cloth.

5) Drying The Visor:

Once you’re sure the visor is clean enough, take the visor out of the soapy water and use a dry cloth to dry the helmet by gently wiping it off. Again, make sure you apply minimal pressure on the cloth.

You don’t have to dry the visor using the microfiber cloth completely. Just make sure you clean all the excess soapy water, and no water streaks are sliding down. If you want your helmet visor to dry more quickly, then you should leave the clean motorcycle helmet visor under direct sunlight.

Once it’s clean, you should also hold the visor up in any source of light to inspect it and ensure that there are no scratches or stains that might restrict the rider’s visibility. If you find any such stains, it would be better to replace the visor instead of trying to clean it.

Reassemble the helmet, or screw the visor back in your helmet to make it ready for a ride.

How To Keep A Visor Clean:

Now that you’ve got your visor clean, it’s time to make sure it stays clean. A clean helmet or visor lasts for a long time, so you won’t have to spend more money on your motorcycle gear for years.

The best way to make sure your visor stays clean is to avoid riding too close to the other riders, trucks, or buses. If you’re riding too close, then the dirt, dust, and dead bugs kicked by the tires of these vehicles may make your visor dirty. You should also avoid taking dusty routes if there is another cleaner route available.

Dropping the motorcycle helmet on the ground can also leave a scratch on the visor and might even make the helmet less effective in protecting you. If you see any big scratches after a drop, you should consider changing the visor.

Cleaning your visor every day isn’t recommended as it might harm or weaken the chemical coating. Just clean it when you think it is too dirty now, or once after riding for a couple of thousand kilometers is good enough.

Also, keep your visor closed. Keeping your visor open because you don’t want it to get dirty can be dangerous.


Washing a motorcycle helmet visor is quite easy. Just follow the 5 steps above, and boom! You have a clean helmet visor. Remember that using the wrong soap or too much soap can be dangerous for your visor. The best way is to look for a review before trying anything new yourself. If we helped you out in any way, you should check out our guide on how to prevent sweat on motorcycle helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can be used to clean a helmet visor?

You’ll need a couple of clean microfiber cloths, warm water, and a few drops of mild cleaning soap to wash your helmet visor.

How do I clean a dirty helmet visor?

Helmet visors can be easily cleaned by wiping them off with a wet microfiber cloth, dipping the visor into a bowl of water, and drying the visor using microfiber towels.

How do I remove scratches from a plastic visor?

A few polishing products are available online that can help you take care of the scratches.

What is a scratch-resistant helmet visor?

A scratch-resistant motorcycle helmet visor is covered in a unique coating that ensures that the helmet doesn’t get scratched easily.

How do you clean a plastic motorcycle helmet visor?

Cleaning a plastic motorcycle helmet visor is easy. You can follow the 5 easy steps explained in the section above using a wet microfiber cloth, soapy water, and a dry towel to wash the visor completely.

Can you use a regular towel to dry the helmet visor?

It is recommended that you use a microfiber cloth to dry the helmet visor. You only have to remove the excess water from the visor. Leaving the visor under the sun or using an air compressor can speed up the drying process.

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