Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet

It is not quite uncommon to get caught in a crossfire while riding your motorcycle in this day and age. If such a thing happens by chance, you most likely wouldn’t have anything to protect yourself with except your helmet. The question is, can your motorcycle helmet stop a bullet?

Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet?

This is quite a renowned question which many people have asked over the internet. Some people asked it for the sake of their safety, while some did out of plain curiosity. Anyone can encounter a situation where you’d have to protect yourself against bullets on their way to work, and sometimes you only have a helmet to protect yourself since most people don’t wear bullet vests to work.

Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet
Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet

So, the question arises if a helmet is tough enough to deflect a bullet or stop it in its tracks. The straightforward answer to the question is a “no.” You can’t stop a shot with a regular motorcycle helmet.

A bullet can travel through the air around the speed of 1500 mph, and due to the unique shape of a bullet, it carries heavy penetration potential. The outer shell of most motorcycle helmets is made up of carbon fiber or fiberglass, and there’s some foam padding on the inside to protect the head in case of a crash. All the materials that construct a helmet can easily be penetrated by a shot fired from any gun.

Motorcycle helmets work by transferring and spreading the force of impact throughout the entire body of the helmet, which is then absorbed by the high-density foam spread on the inside of the helmet. A helmet might be able to easily deal with a large brick thrown at it than a bullet with a sharp-pointed nose that could pierce right through it.

Why Would You Need Bulletproof Helmet

Regular motorcycle helmets are designed to protect you from a head injury in case of a road accident. They can do nothing against a couple of revolver rounds, light bullets, or anything with a sharp-pointed nose moving at a high velocity.

While we’re talking about motorcycle helmets, if you plan to buy one then you should check out our extensively detailed buying guide regarding all types of helmets. It will help you know what to look for when you go out shopping for a helmet.

Bulletproof or ballistic helmets are a separate category of helmets designed to deflect or stop bullets. You can’t ride your motorcycle with those helmets on. If we are to assume how a ballistic helmet would be made, it would need to be constructed using heavy metals such as steel which is durable enough to deflect or stop a bullet.

But, the problem is that there is no such thing as a bulletproof motorcycle helmet, and even if there were, it would cost a lot of money and will weigh a lot. Many people wouldn’t be able to afford it in the first place, and if they do, wearing it would be a hell of a task and might put an unbelievable amount of strain on your neck and shoulders due to the weight.

Aside from all this, a regular bulletproof helmet will be able to protect your head against any shots fired against you. Ballistic helmets are pretty common in the military. You might have even seen a lot of documentaries about World War II where you can see a lot of soldiers wearing bulletproof helmets.

Types of Different Bulletproof Helmets

Bulletproof or ballistic helmets are usually used by military and special forces. There are three common types of bulletproof helmets on the market. These types are explained below:

PASGT Helmet

PASGT or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops ballistic helmets have been around since the 1980s and are still used today by the US Army Reserve. The helmet is constructed with a multi-layered kevlar outer shell and is durable enough to withstand any bullets.

MICH Helmet

MICH or Modular Integrated Communications (MICH) ballistic helmet is the upgraded version of the PASGT helmets. This helmet is also known as the Advanced Combat Helmet and is much lighter and more comfortable than the previous type of helmet and provides about the same level of protection.

FAST Helmet

Future Assult Shell Technology Helmet weighs less than MICH helmets yet provides the same skull protection. The FAST helmet leaves the ear open, and the primary purpose of this helmet is to protect the occipital bone at the back of the head, along with all the other sides of the head.

All of these helmets can easily stop a bullet, but they’re not to be worn on a motorcycle since they won’t provide much protection in case of a road accident. If you’re looking for maximum safety and protection from road accidents on any type of terrain, you should head over to our list of the top 10 supermoto helmets.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet BulletProof

It is quite impossible to make a motorcycle helmet bulletproof. However, if you’re looking forward to making a bulletproof helmet, here are the materials that you’ll need:

1- Thermoplastic Polyurethane Anti-ballistic layer

This tough material or Aramid can be used to make a bulletproof helmet. It is already used in military-level ballistic helmets.

2- Carbon Fiber shell

Carbon fiber is known for its long-lasting and durable properties. This material can withstand extreme temperature conditions with ease.


Motorcycle helmets are lightweight and designed while keeping the rider’s comfort in mind. The manufacturers don’t need to worry about making helmets that can go up against bullets and guns since that’s not what you usually encounter in your daily life. However, if you do need to protect your head against bullets, getting a ballistic helmet would be the best choice.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a helmet to stop a bullet?

Yes, modern combat helmets can stop bullets, but they are unreliable. Combat helmets or ballistic helmets are designed to protect your brain against shrapnels and handgun rounds, but if we’re talking about rifle rounds, then there is no guarantee.

Can regular civilians purchase bulletproof helmets?

Regular civilians are free to purchase ballistic helmets or any type of body armor if they have a clean record.

Do bulletproof helmets come with an expiration date?

Like regular motorcycle helmets, bulletproof or ballistic helmets do have an expected life of 5 years.

Can a military helmet stop a bullet?

It depends. Military helmets can stop shots fired from handguns or shrapnels, but if we’re talking about sniper shots and rifle rounds, then there’s not much these helmets can do against them.

Why do soldiers not wear full-face helmets?

Full-face helmets limit the vision and are fairly less comfortable. Full-face helmets are also large, restrict movement, and are very hot for efficient use.

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