Some people plan trips for their holidays as the cold weather approaches, while others decide to rather stay at home under their warm cozy blanket. Some areas of the world experience cold and snowy weather throughout the year. Hence, there is a huge amount of population that has created ways to make winter bearable or even enjoyable for them. Some of the famous enjoyment and recreational sources are snowboarding, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, etc.

And as you are reading this article, you may be one of those who plan to go skiing or snowboarding. One of the most important things you should know, or you probably know, is always to wear your helmet. But what if you want to listen to some music while you snowboard? It is impossible to carry wires and earphones or headphones with you. Don’t worry because we have nearly solved this problem for you!

The best way to listen to audio without extra accessories and wearing a helmet is to have a Bluetooth helmet! Yes, a Bluetooth snowboarding helmet. Therefore in this article, we have listed the five best Bluetooth helmets, which may otherwise be called the best Snowboard Helmet with Bluetooth in 2021.

If you are looking to buy helmets to wear even in hot weather then there are particular helmets which are best for high temperature, we have listed 10 best helmets for hot weather for you to check out!

What is a Bluetooth Helmet?

A Bluetooth helmet is a normal helmet with an inbuilt speaker or sometimes a microphone system that works with your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

It is so that you will be able to attend incoming calls on your phone without requiring to attach your phone with your ear or wear extra earphones; you will not even need to stop your snowboarding when there is a call coming on your phone. You can listen to music without wearing earphones, AirPods or headphones, or any other accessories.

Wearing a Bluetooth helmet is unnecessary, but it can enhance your snowboarding experience to a great level.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmets
Top 5 Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmets

How to Buy Snowboard Helmets?

Purchasing anything is not easy for everyone; whenever it comes to buying anything analyzing the product and its benefits is important because you’re spending your money on it and may need the product to last long.

Following are the considerations that you should make before buying a snowboarding Bluetooth helmet.

  • Safety comes first before anything. You should make sure that you’re safe while you go snowboarding; you can do so by wearing a well-protected helmet. Preferably a helmet that has safety standards certification. Some of the helmets mentioned below have the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) certification.

  • The second thing you can consider is the size of your helmet. Ensure that the helmet doesn’t cause compression and pressure on your head because of being too tight or it isn’t too loose that it slams against your head when you move. If you’re facing any confusion regarding what size of the helmet you should buy then check out our comprehensive helmet buying guide.

  • The third consideration you should make is to see if the helmet has a good and comfortable interior. It would be best if you did this because the helmet should help keep your head warm so that you won’t get sick because of the extreme cold.

  • It would help if you made sure that the Bluetooth version from the helmet supports the version on your smartphone because otherwise, you will not be able to connect the helmet speakers to your smartphone.

  • The style and look of the helmet is something that you can consider, and deciding how your helmet should look or which color it should have is totally up to you, because why not? Everyone loves aesthetics!

5 Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmets in 2021

1- Snowboarding Bluetooth helmet by MOON

MOON Ski Helmet Smart Bluetooth Music Helmet Snowboard Helmet Men Women
  • 【Integrated Microphone & Built-In Speakers】- Wearing MOON ski helmet, you can listen music, make calls and answer calls through a bluetooth connection when you are skiing snowboarding. Free your headphone and cellphone now!
  • 【Bluetooth】- This bluetooth ski helmet meets V4.1+EDR code standard and supports v1.2 Bluetooth headset mode and v1.6 bluetooth hand-free mode.
  • 【In-Mould Construction】- The snowboard helmet consists of PC shell and EPS liner, which is built using In-Mould technology. The EPS liner can absorb the impact to the head for reducing the injury during impact.
  • 【Lovely Design Details】- Adjustable headlock, Coolmax inner padding, Fidlock magnetic buckle for convenient and quick wearing.
  • 【Large Buttons】- Specially designed buttons for glove wearers. Press buttons without taking off gloves, you can control this ski helmet at any time during skiing!

The skiing and snowboarding helmet by MOON is an adult size helmet with a wireless Bluetooth connection facility. It is integrated with a microphone and speakers, which allows you to answer calls and listen to music while snowboarding. It has an in-mold polycarbonate shell, which makes it resistant to external impact.

It supports or requires a 1.2 Bluetooth version for headset mode and a 1.6 version for hands-free mode. The inner part of the helmet has an EPS liner, which provides protection. The interior also has a Coolmax pad, which keeps the interior warm.

It has goggle attachment space at the back of the helmet, allowing you to wear goggles with your helmet easily. The ventilation system has 11 air channels.

It is available in 4 sizes from 53cm to 63cm, and it comes in three different colors. It has an ASTM certification. It is adjustable to be a perfect head fit as it has an adjusting dial in the back part. It also has a FidLock magnetic buckle, which keeps it intact on your head. It has a large button specially designed for you to use while wearing gloves.


  • It is available in 4 different sizes.
  • It has an adjustable switch or dial in the back to adjust the helmet.
  • The inner part of the helmet has Coolmax padding.
  • It is available in black, blue and silver colors.


  • Airflow vents don’t have an opening or closing facility.

2- Snowboarding Winter Watts Helmet

Bern, Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet, MIPS Matte Black with Black Liner, Small
  • Style: The baseball-hat-inspired hard visor with classic Bern styling looks and feels at home no matter where your sport takes you.
  • Comfort: Featuring the BOA adjustable fit system, tried and true EPS/ABS construction, and a moisture-controlling premium liner, the Watts fits and feels great. Air channels pull air through front vents and allow air to exit through back vents.
  • Protection: ABS shell with EPS hard foam provides reliable protection in a low-profile design. Meets ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standards for snow and ski, CPSC and EN 1078 standards for bike and skate.
  • Replaceable Thinshell warm and cold weather liners.
  • Easily add our PDW Bike Light and Drop-In Wireless Audio Chips.

The snowboard Watts helmet by Bern Store is considered to be one of the best-looking snowboarding helmets. It comes with a visor, which acts as a shield for eyesight. This helmet comes with various style options and customization whether you need this helmet for snowboarding or biking.

The helmet’s interior is engineered with Boa technology, which makes it versatile to fit many heads. The inner part has a thin EPS liner, making it comfortable to wear and lightweight. The EPS liner also keeps the interior sweat-free. The inner liner is removable and washable. It has earpads, which are drop-in and used for audio. If you plan to use this helmet for hot weather, you may need to separately purchase a summer liner.

It has an ABS shell, which ensures protection and safety. This helmet meets ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standards. The ventilation system has sufficient airflow with vents even on top of the helmet. It comes with high quality and clear sound headphones installed in it, so you will not need to wear any.


  • The helmet is engineered with Boa Technology.
  • You wouldn’t need to wear headphones for audio.
  • The inner lining is removable.
  • It has audio chips.


  • The vents can’t be closed.
  • It may make your head look like a mushroom.

The Obex spin helmet by POC is one of the stylish helmets for skiing and snowboarding.  It is integrated with a Bluetooth connection headset, including a speaker and a microphone. The Bluetooth connection allows you to easily access functions from your smartphones, such as attending calls and listening to audio or music.

The outer shell is composed of polycarbonate and is engineered to be an ABS shell, making it light in weight and extremely easy to carry around and wear for longer periods. It has been approved by ASTM and has CE EN 1077 Class B certification.

The helmet’s inner part has a high-quality EPS liner, which absorbs the extra moisture and keeps the interior fresh. The interior is also installed with a size adjustment system, which allows you to easily adjust the helmet according to your head size without removing any inner padding. It also has SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) technology.

The ventilation system is advanced and can be easily adjusted perusers’ desire to open or close the vents. The ventilation system helps in keeping the fog away from the goggles.


  • The vents keep goggles fog-free.
  • You can access both speakers and mic according to the connected smartphone.
  • The inner lining is removable.
  • It is the best choice to wear for longer periods.


  • The speakers may be fragile.
  • Some people claimed that the audio system accessing button caused problems.

The Phantom helmet by Demon United Store is a helmet mostly used for winter sports. This helmet has an outer ABS shell, which makes it light in weight. The helmet’s inner part has an EPS liner, which keeps the interior moisture-free and establishes fresh air breathing.

The ventilation system is well built, having airflow vents in the back and front of the helmet. The ventilation system keeps the fog away from goggles when you wear them.

It has ASTM and CE safety standards certification. It is integrated with earbuds, which allows you to listen to audio without any wires or wearing earphones. It is mentioned to be able to play audio from your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. It has a cool and aesthetic design, which makes people wear a helmet during winter sports.

It comes in various size ranges. It comes with a balaclava, which you can wear to keep you feeling comfortable and warm in cold temperatures.


  • You can adjust it easily to a good fit.
  • The inner padding is removable.
  • It doesn’t make your head look like a mushroom.
  • The ventilation system and EPS liner keep moisture away.
  • It comes with a balaclava.


  • Few buyers complained that the helmet was causing suffocation.
  • The quality of balaclava may not be as promising.

5- Bluetooth SS1 Smart Helmet

Smart4u Smart Ski Helmet SS1 with Bluetooth Ski & Snowboard Helmet, IPX4 Waterproof, Listen to Music
  • 【Safe & Lightweight】smart4u ski helmet used a durable ABS outer shell wraps around an impact-absorbing in-mold EPS layer for multi-layer protection.
  • 【Quality Speaker】Built-in bluetooth, wind noise redection headphone & mic. Press button on the helmet to answer the call. Mic-35db, Bluetooth 4.2, perfect for enjoying your hands-free communication and music.(No group chat feature)
  • 【One-click Answer】Big buttons and easy to answer phone calls while wearing ski gloves. Never miss an improtant phone call, no need to take out phone so often and never afraid will lose headphones/ AirPods while skiing. Note: For your safety, be sure to answer the phone when you stop.
  • 【Specification】Smart snow helmet fits most heads size 22.83"-24.4" (58-62cm) comfortably. 15hrs work sub 20 celsius. Waterproof IPX4. 3.7V/300mAh battery, 5hrs for phone call, 15hrs for standby only.
  • 【One - Year Warranty】-20 ℃~50℃ (-48.8℉~122℉) temperature is recommended for electronic functions. smart4u ski helmet comes with a one year warranty. Patent certificate and design patent can be shown upon request. If you have any problem or requests, please feel free to contact us.

The Bluetooth SS1 Smart helmet by Smart4u is one the most secure and demanding snowboarding helmets out there. It has a polycarbonate shell, ensuring your safety. This helmet has an attractive design and possesses a stylish outlook.

The inner part of the helmet has an EPS liner of high density. The inner liner is easily removable and hence can be washed to keep the germs away. It meets an exceed EU authoritative certification.

The ventilation system is advanced and has vents on the helmet’s roof, which keeps the fresh air and removes moisture. It is integrated with a low-temperature lithium battery meaning that it can function even at -20°C.

It has an aerodynamic structure and is IPX4  waterproof. It can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. It has a high-quality speaker and a microphone, which allows you to attend and receive calls and play music while you snowboard. The microphone is windproof.

It comes in various sizes. This helmet is charged through micro USB and takes 2 hours to charge. It supports Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters of distance.


  • It can function up to -20°C.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • You can connect the Bluetooth over 10m.
  • The inner part of the helmet is removable and washable.
  • It is IPX4 waterproof helmet.


  • The power button is a bit sensitive.
  • The size of the helmet may vary from standards charting.
Top Pick


We have chosen the SS1 Smart helmet by Smart4u to be our top choice after overlooking and going through each product.

The SS1 smart helmet is not only suitable for snowboarding, but it is widely used for other winter sports too. It has an aerodynamic structure and a polycarbonate shell making it light weighted and resistant to external impact.
The interior of the helmet has removable padding and high-density EPS lining. It has a low temperature surviving lithium battery, which can function up to -20 degrees centigrade. It offers a luxurious, stylish look while being waterproof. It is available in a variety of sizes. While having speakers and a windproof microphone, this Bluetooth helmet proves to be the best choice by exceeding the EU authoritative certification.

Our Verdict

Various types of helmets are being used for different purposes, and in this article, we listed the five best Bluetooth helmets for snowboarding. If you would like to know more about helmets and their features, make sure to check out our guide on types of helmets; hopefully, you will find something useful.
Although having a Bluetooth feature is not necessary, but it can surely make your snowboarding experience enjoyable as you will sing and hum along to your favorite songs. Bluetooth helmets are much in demand because of the comfort they provide, such that they make it easier to attend and receive calls without stopping your snowboarding ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the XL size of the helmet?

A- According to the standard charts, an XL size is around 61 to 62 inches but keep in mind that every helmet brand does not offer the same sizes as standard charts. To make sure you have the right size, you need to measure your head size and look up the specific helmet chart you are deciding to buy. If you want to learn more about head size, please check out our ultimate helmet buying guide.

Q- What if I don’t wear a helmet for snowboarding?

A- Wearing a helmet while snowboarding is not a must-have because so many professional people don’t wear helmets for winter sports but wearing a helmet provides you insurance, insurance that your head will remain protected if any uncertainty happens. No one knows what will happen to them the next moment, so it is better to ensure your safety even if you have to sacrifice a little bit of style.

Q- Does the helmet come with a built-in speaker?

A- Yes and no. the snowboarding helmet by MOON, SS1 smart helmet by Smart4u, and Obex Spin helmet by POC have built-in speakers while Watts by Bern Store and Phantom helmet by Demon United Store have earbuds feature.

Q- Can I connect my smartphone to the helmet?

A- Yes, you can connect your smartphone with a Bluetooth helmet if it supports the version of Bluetooth your smartphone has.