Supermoto is an adventurous and dangerous game. You need maximum protection for yourself in case of any unforeseen accidents. These helmets are designed to protect you against everything on any terrain. This is precisely why they can also be called the best street motorcycle helmets.

What exactly is Supermoto, and what are Supermoto helmets?

Supermoto Helmets

Supermoto is a racing game that takes place on three different types of tracks that are different from each other. This type of racing is held on a dirt track, a motocross track, and a street track. Therefore, you’ll need a helmet that can protect you in all three conditions.

Supermoto is a race that determines the best all-around racer, so you’ll see racers from many different races come together to take part in this competition.

A supermoto helmet needs to be durable and safe enough to protect your head in all three types of terrains. It should also offer maximum comfort, so you don’t get tired or have to deal with both the race and your uncomfortable helmet at the same time. Since these helmets are designed to offer great safety, comfort, and protection, you can also use them on your regular rides or for adventurous purposes.

How to choose a motorcycle racing helmet?

Moto Racing Helmets Reviews
Moto Racing Helmets Reviews

There are a few factors that you should take into account before choosing a motorcycle racing helmet. You’ll be going on high speed, so your motorsport racing helmet should have all the features that you’ll need while also offering great protection and safety.

Before we get into it, there are different types of helmets. The two most common helmet types are full-face helmets and modular helmets. You’ll have to see which one fits your preferences better before you decide to purchase a helmet.

  • Safety Standards: A helmet should be durable enough to offer you the best safety and protection. This is why it is always a good idea to go for a high-quality and certified helmet since you should never compromise on safety; especially on adventurous rides where anything can happen. Your helmet should be certified by Snell, which is the highest safety standard, or by DOT and ECE.
  • Light Weight: Your helmet shouldn’t be too heavy. You’ll be wearing it on your head for a long time, so it should be light enough so you don’t feel too tired or feel neck strain after wearing it for an hour. The best racing helmets are usually slightly heavier than regular helmets. Still, you’ll only be wearing them for your races, and they offer better safety.
  • Shell Material: The shell material is an important element of any helmet. When it comes to racing & rally helmets, they need to be made out of durable yet lightweight material. They should be light and strong enough to handle impacts at maximum speed without damaging the rider.
  • Extra Safety Features: Due to the massive growth in technology, most high-quality helmets come with extra safety features. One of these features is how a helmet releases cheek pads in case of an accident or crash, so the rider’s head can be taken out of the helmet safely.
  • Material Standards: The best racing motorcycle helmets are made up of polycarbonate fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, and a layer of polystyrene foam. These materials are light and offer durability to the helmet.

    You can read more about the things that one should consider before buying the best motorcycle helmet at our beginner helmet buying guide.

Unisex Sport Motorcycle Helmet Review

O'Neal 2Series Adult Helmet, Spyde (Black/Hi-Vis, XS)
  • Spare visor for 2Series helmet
  • Put a Spare in you gear bag
  • Visor only

The O’Neal brand is known for producing high-quality and high-performance supermoto helmets. This helmet is their greatest product of all time. It offers you everything you’d want from a supermoto helmet to protect you in every type of track.

This best racing helmet has its shell made out of ABS material, which makes it heavily durable against all sorts of collisions. The visor of this helmet is also quite easy to use and adjust, so you can set the visor according to your preference.

The best thing about this helmet is that it is incredibly comfortable because of the ultra-plush removable padded liner, and you won’t feel its weight on your neck at all. The soft cushioning makes all your supermoto races feel like a walk in the park. The helmet makes sure there is no fatigue on your neck and stress on your shoulders, so you can focus only on the race ahead.

The helmet also features excellent ventilation. It has several air tunnels all over the place to provide a cool breeze to you while kicking out the hot air from the helmet. There’s also a rubber nose guard that protects against any harm or injury to your nose in case of collision.


  • Good Ventilation
  • Superior cushioning
  • Maximum comfort
  • Highly Durable
  • DOT and ECE certified


  • Not true to size

O’NEAL Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

O'Neal 0817-501 Unisex-Adult Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet Flat Black XS (53/54cm) (
  • Shell is constructed with ABS
  • Weight: 1590G ( 50G)
  • Moisture wicking, removable/washable air channeled comfort liner
  • Integrated face shield
  • Padded chin strap with double-d safety lock

The Sierra II helmet is another great product from the O’NEAL brand. It is easily the best sport bike helmet, but it can also be used for regular street touring and street motor scooters. The thing these helmets excel in is offering superior safety and protection.

The outer shell of this helmet is constructed with ABS material, which makes it durable while also making it lightweight. The ABS material makes sure the helmet is light, so you don’t feel the weight of the helmet on your neck and head. The helmet is also durable enough to handle collisions fairly easily.

The inside of this helmet is padded with an EPS liner, which is soft and absorbs shocks efficiently. The liners are also removable, so you can take them out and wash them when they get dirty or start giving off an odor.

The helmet has a fair number of air vents for the hot air to go out and the cool air to come in. This helmet is an ideal choice for anyone during the hot and humid summer season.

The helmet also features a visor that’s integrated into the helmet. You can adjust the visor’s height according to your preference for a better view. The thing that makes this helmet even more comfortable is the padded chin strap. You can keep wearing this helmet for hours, but it won’t leave any marks as regular helmets would after a long time of usage.


  • ABS outer shell
  • Padded chin strap
  • Integrated visor


  • Mounting an action camera can be difficult

LS2 Adventure Helmet

LS2 Helmets Pioneer Trigger Adventure Off Road Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (Red, Small)
  • Built-in sun screen
  • Wide eye port accommodates most major brands of goggles (goggles NOT included)
  • Emergency Release System cheek pads are contour cut from one piece of high quality foam using LS2's 3D laser technology
  • DOT approved Quick Release System chin strap for easy on and off
  • Built at our own factory means more helmet for less cash

The LS2 Pioneer helmet is one of the best racing motorcycle helmets out there. It offers everything a supermoto rider would need at a reasonable price.

The outer shell of this helmet is made up of LS2’s signature kinetic polymer alloy. The helmet is very lightweight and durable because of it, and it is also great at absorbing shocks.

The inside of this helmet is covered with EPS liner, which is quite comfortable and soft. It is also quite strong and can easily protect you against any collisions. The inner padding is covered with hypoallergenic fabric that provides maximum comfort and hygiene to make it even comfier. The padding is also washable, so you can take it out and wash it. The padding is also extremely soft and gives you a very comfortable feeling while wearing the helmet.

The unique UV-resistant visor of the LS2 Helmet Pioneer V2 protects you against the harmful radiations of the sun in the summer season. The built-in visor can protect your eyes like sunglasses under the sun or heavy light. There’s also some space between the visor and your eyes, so you can wear goggles or glasses under the helmet.

The helmet is also equipped with an extra safety feature that automatically ejects the cheek pads in case of an accident, so the rider can take their head out of the helmet. It is also approved by DOT and ECE safety standards.


  • Advanced safety feature
  • Very comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable


  • Not soundproof

NENKI Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

NENKI Dual Sport Enduro Motocross & Motorcycle Helmet NK-310 Dot Approved with Iridium Red Visor Attached Clear Visor
  • Size:M(57-58CM),L(59-60CM),XL(60-61CM)
  • DOT Approved:Meets and Exceeds DOT Requirements
  • Light Weight and Comfortable Interior with Removable Liner and Cheek Pads
  • Dual Sport Helmet Allows for Street and Off-Road Use
  • With High Quality Iridium Red Visor and Attached Clear Visor

The NENKI NK-310 is one of the best dual-sport motorcycle helmets out there. It provides great comfort and protection at the same time.

The outer shell of this helmet is made up of thermoplastic which is both lightweight and durable. The thermoplastic shell absorbs all sorts of impact beautifully while distributing the weight across the entire body of the helmet.

The interior of this helmet is layered with EPS liner, which is incredibly comfortable. The NENKI-310 features a dual visor. One visor provides a clear view of the outside world while the other one is tinted to protect you against the sun. The clear visor is excellent for riding in foggy conditions. This DOT-approved helmet is also fairly good against wind noise.

You can also replace or refund the helmet within 180 days of purchase. The helmet also features a very attractive look, so if that’s your thing, then this is the ideal helmet for you.


  • Strong outer shell
  • Comfortable
  • Great look which makes you stand out
  • Dual visor


  • Makes your head look bigger
  • Not very true to the size chart

ScorpionExo Moto Racing Helmet

ScorpionExo EXO-At950 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up-Style Battleflage Helmet (Sand, X-Small)
  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell: Developed exclusively by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to minimize weight and disperse impact
  • Dual Density EPS
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System: A dual position mouth vent and large top intake port force cool air in through deep air flow channels while 2 large exhaust vents maximize movement of hot air out
  • Ever Clear No Fog Face shield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the art fog free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV protection(Clear shield included)
  • Over-sized Eye port: Extremely wide for greater peripheral vision and downward visibility. Also designed to accommodate most off-road goggles

This helmet offers everything you’d need from the best sport touring helmet under $300. It looks unique and is an excellent choice for street cruisers or supermoto racers.

The outer shell of this helmet is made out of polycarbonate. This unique polycarbonate shell by the brand offers great protection while also making the helmet extremely lightweight. On the other end, the interior is covered with EPS liner, which makes it super comfortable for the rider.

The helmet features two exhaust vents and two intake air vents to keep the airflow suitable for any rider in any condition.

This modular dual sport helmet features an anti-scratch shield, which is also designed uniquely to not get fogged in any weather. The helmet also provides a slightly larger field of vision than regular helmets. You can also manually change the shield without any tools.

While it is a great deal at a reasonable price, the helmet suffers against noise cancellation.


  • Good looking
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog shield
  • Decent airflow
  • Reasonable price


  • Not good against noise

509 Tactical Helmet

509 Tactical Helmet (Hi-Vis - 2X-Large)
  • Aggressive profile snowmobile and snowbike helmet with custom interior fit eps, safe and durable polycarbonate outer shell
  • Custom interior EPS head foam with premium removable liner creates a comfortable fit
  • 6 Sizes across 2 outer shell molds ensure excellent fit, XS-2XL
  • Maximum peripheral vision with class leading eye port opening. Combine with any 509 goggle for perfect fit with minute to zero skin exposure
  • DOT approved. Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218).

The 509 Tactical Helmet is an excellent choice at a low price. It offers you everything that you’d want from a good supermoto helmet while being much cheaper than the others.

The outer shell of the 509 Tactical Helmet is made out of thermoplastic, which makes the helmet incredibly durable and lightweight. The thermoplastic outer shell can also easily absorb the shock of any impact.

This helmet is designed to offer optimal protection and comfort on supermoto tracks while reducing the drag on the rider. The aerodynamic design of this helmet lets you drive at maximum speed without experiencing much wind noise and drag.

The interior of this helmet is covered with custom EPS foam and a removable liner for you to take it out and wash it easily. The foam also helps you protect your head in case of collision.

The helmet also provides a superior field of vision because of its big eye-port. The ventilation of this DOT-approved helmet is also excellent. You can also close the air vents to decrease wind noise easily.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Reasonable price
  • Closable air vents
  • Durable
  • Protection against wind noise


  • Heavy

The KLIM Krios Motorcycle Helmet is DOT and ECE approved. It is one of the best adventure riding helmets because of the big field of vision it provides. The helmet also fits everyone easily because of its unique shape.

The best thing about this supermoto helmet is its weight. It is extremely lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it offers less protection than any other helmet on this list.

The exterior shell of this helmet is made out of carbon, which gives it durability.

The ventilation of this helmet is also incredible. It has big vents right at the chin, and the front, along with several vents at the back of the helmet for the hot air to go out.

The wide eye port of this helmet allows you to see everything clearly. The unique shape of this helmet reduces wind resistance by a great margin, so you won’t feel any drag even at maximum speed.

The visor of this helmet can also be easily removed. You can then replace it with a new one or clean it to use it again.


  • Good aerodynamics
  • Extremely lightweight
  • A big field of vision
  • Decent ventilation


  • Not great against wind noise
  • Can get foggy

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Glossy Black, Size Small
  • Advance Dual Sports and Dual Visor Design (Inner Smoked Visor and Outer Clear Shield);
  • Light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell;
  • Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior, Removable and washable
  • Beautiful glossy UV protective finish;
  • DOT Approved

The 1Storm Dual Sport is one of the best supermoto motorcycle helmets out there. It is the helmet of choice of many riders, who take part in supermoto, as well as riders who enjoy adventure riding and street cruisers.

The helmet offers high-quality protection and comfort to the rider. The outer shell of this helmet is covered with ABS material, which offers superior protection in any type of track, including the dirt. The ABS material also makes the helmet incredibly lightweight.

The aerodynamically advanced design of this helmet helps you zoom through the wind with next to no drag pressure. The exterior of this helmet is covered with a unique finishing protecting the rider’s head from the heat and radiation of the sun.

The interior of this helmet features EPL, which is incredible for absorbing all the impact in case of any collision. The EPL also helps reduce the wind noise drastically.

The ventilation of this helmet is also excellent. It has 11 air vents for the air to pass through. You can also remove the liner and clean it with ease for maximum hygiene. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can pick the best one for yourself.

This DOT-certified helmet provides maximum protection and safety while also offering great comfort.


  • Finishing for sun protection
  • Good ventilation
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable


  • Chinstrap buckle might not be the best

Arai XD4 Sportsbike Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet (White, Small)
  • Intermediate-round oval shape
  • New exhaust ports and shell shape
  • New larger side cowl vents
  • Emergency cheek pad release system
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable interior

This incredibly reliable helmet is ideal for supermoto racers. It offers great safety and protection to the rider in all types of tracks.

The unique oval-shaped design of this helmet allows it to fit almost everyone comfortably. The aerodynamic design of this helmet reduces drag at high speed while also offering great protection against wind noise.

The outstanding ventilation system of this helmet ensures that the airflow gets much better at high speed. It has several vents on the front and the sides, so the rider will stay well-ventilated in any situation.

The liner is also washable and removable. The unique liner by Arai dries much faster and stays cooler than the regular ones. The cheek pads are also incredibly comfortable.


  • Very durable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Good fit


  • Visor gets foggy

Vega Motorcycle Race Helmets

Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off Road Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet (Pink Venom Graphic, Large)
  • Advanced strong and lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Multi-channel air-flow system with fully vented EPS
  • Removable, washable, replaceable max-flow liner system
  • Value packed helmet loaded with technology
  • '5 YEAR WARRANTY – Your VRX Off-Road Helmet is backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty.

If you’re short on budget, this helmet is great for you as it offers great protection and comfort at a very low price.

This budget supermoto helmet can be used for dirt biking or any off-road adventures you’re willing to take on.

The outer shell of this helmet is made up of polycarbonate material, so the helmet is incredibly light yet durable. These helmets come with a very attractive design and graphics that make you stand out for good.

The airflow is also quite great as it has multiple vents all over the helmet to keep the rider dry and cool.

You can also adjust the visor’s angle manually to get that perfect view angle. The visor can also be removed and replaced. The EPS liner on the inside makes the helmet comfortable for any rider.

This DOT-approved helmet is incredibly lightweight and a great choice for anyone who’s into supermoto or motocross racing.


  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Removable visor


  • Not true to size
Top Pick

Top 10 Reasons

  • The helmet comes at a reasonable price.
  • It offers maximum protection due to the ABS outer shell.
  • It has multiple air vents to keep the rider dry and cool in any season.
  • The helmet comes with a roost nose guard.
  • It also features a Double-D release chin strap which is super comfortable.
  • The Double-D release chin strap doesn’t leave a mark after a long time of use.
  • Comes with an adjustable visor.
  • Excellent cushioning on the inside for maximum comfort.
  • DOT and ECE approved.
  • Removable liner.

Final Verdict

Supermoto is a dangerous game where one bad decision can result in a fatal injury. It is best to not compromise on your safety and get the best supermoto helmet available. We’ve tested several helmets and came to the conclusion that the O’Neal Unisex-Adult 2Series Helmet is an excellent choice for any rider. It is a great helmet that has left many people completely satisfied. There are also several other excellent options, such as the 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet and Arai XD4 Helmet. If you’re short on budget, you can try the Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Dirt Bike Helmet, as it offers excellent protection at a reasonable price.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best racing helmet?
According to us, the best racing helmet is the O’Neal Unisex-Adult 2Series Helmet. It offers excellent protection and comfort at a good price.

What helmet do you need for racing?
It depends on what track you’re going to race on. If you’re going for different types of race tracks, a supermoto helmet can be an excellent choice for you.

Why do we need helmets for motorsports racing?
Motorsports racing is dangerous, and accidents can happen anywhere. A helmet drastically reduces the chances of a fatal injury in case of an accident by a huge margin.

Are supermoto helmets good for karting?
Supermoto helmets aren’t good for go-karting because they are not allowed, and they are also too heavy for go-karting.

Are DOT helmets good enough?
Yes, helmets approved by the DOT safety standards are good enough to be used.

What are supermoto helmets?
Supermoto helmets are uniquely designed helmets that protect the rider against any kind of terrain. These types of helmets are usually used in supermoto races.

Why do adventure motorcycle helmets have peaks?
The peaks serve the purpose of protecting the rider from all the dirt that comes off the track and the bikes on the front. It also protects the rider against the sun.

Can you wear a motocross helmet on the road?
Yes, a motocross helmet is completely legal on-road and streets.

What are dual sport helmets for?
The dual-sport helmets are a mix of motocross helmets and full-face helmets. These helmets feature peaks to protect the rider against the dirt in motocross conditions and a bigger face shield to provide a large field of vision.

Can you wear goggles with dual-sport helmets?
The dual-sport helmets come with a clear face shield, so there’s no need for goggles. However, you can wear glasses in them because they have enough space between the rider’s face and the helmet’s face shield.