As much as we anticipate and wait for summer during cold days, summer becomes a pain for many reasons when it arrives. And as much as going on picnics and having vacations overjoys us, we cannot ignore the extreme heat and sweat we have to endure in summer.

If you’re not prepared for the hot summer days and riding your motorcycle in summer or, especially, if you haven’t decided which helmet you should wear, then you may need to prepare yourself before it’s too late. But, of course, you don’t need to panic or worry, because if you’re worried, then what is the purpose of our guide?

Exactly, in this article, you can find all the information about summer motorcycle helmets that are “a good choice” for those annoying hot days.

When it comes to helmets, there are a lot of choices in the market– as we’ve discussed in our article about different types of helmets – so in this article, we have provided product reviews as well as critical features of the best summer motorcycle helmets.

There are also different features and factors to consider regarding a motorcycle helmet, which you can find in our ultimate motorcycle helmet buying guide.

Which Type Of Helmet Is Best for Hot Weather?

Besides keeping yourself hydrated and wearing light clothes during summer, would you not want to ride your motorcycle in comfort?

So, to find the best warm-weather motorcycle gear, you must look for a sound ventilation system.

You can find more about the ventilation system in our Complete Helmet Buying Guide.

Ventilated motorcycle helmets are very popular in the market and especially during summer days.

A well-vented motorcycle helmet can provide you ease and comfort as well as safety. There are helmets out there that offer good ventilation and maximum protection and security, and if you want to know more about that, you can check out our complete guide on Types of Helmets.

Features To Consider In Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets:

  • Quite sensibly, if you’re looking for a ventilated motorcycle helmet, then the main feature to consider should be the ventilation system. Most helmets have vents or holes in them to keep an air passage. Some helmets also come with air channels in them.
  • The second thing you should remember about ventilated helmets is that they tend to cause more noise because of their airflow. But you can avoid that by wearing earplugs or any sort of ear protection.

  • The third thing should be the strength of the helmet. Ensuring that the helmet is strong enough to endure any sudden impact or accident is an essential thing for buying a helmet. Safety comes first before anything!

  • Some extras that you can consider would be the visor/face shield and style of the helmet, but they don’t affect the ventilation system, so you can choose whatever you want.

Benefits Of Wearing A Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Why should you wear a ventilated helmet?

When talking about this, the first reason to wear a ventilated helmet is reduced suffocation and more fresh air to breathe.

A vented motorcycle helmet does a lot of work in decreasing exhaustion. Because of the vents, a passageway for fresh air, the rider feels less suffocation. These are the best choice for people with claustrophobia.

Wearing a helmet itself keeps you safe from severe injuries if caught in an accident, even if that is a ventilated motorcycle helmet or not.

Ventilated motorcycle helmets are considered to be more comfortable, and especially for long rides and riding in hot weather. The fact that they are so comfortable could be because of less sweating, as air coming from vents/air channels keeps your head, neck, and face sweat-free.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather in 2021

In this article, you will be guided through all the necessary points you need to know before buying your hot weather motorcycle helmet. From product description to key features, advantages, and disadvantages of 10 best motorcycle helmets for hot weather.

1Storm Dual Visor Helmet Review

  • Adjustable airflow ports
  • An advanced modular and dual-lens design
  • DOT standards approved
  • Aerodynamic shell.
  • Light-weighted with 6 built-in vents.
  • Buckle can be easily unstrapped.
  • Removable and washable inner padding.

The 1Storm modular motorcycle helmet is considered to be the top in the list of best Helmets and it is because of the six ventilation systems it has. And the airflow channels in the ventilation system are also adjustable.

The 1Storm modular helmet, model HB89, is the most light-weighted motorcycle helmet, making it ideal for long rides. It also has a dual visor feature which increases its demand in the market. Both the visors are adjustable, one being the inner sun visor and the other, outer clear visor.

Despite the fact that it has all the necessary features of a ventilated helmet, it only weighs around 5lbs. And not only that, but it is also a modular helmet which means it could weight a lot because of the bolts and nuts that are used to make a modular helmet.


  • It has twice the number of vents as compared to a usual helmet.
  • Wide view and more clear
  • It has more resistance to sudden impact or pressure
  • Works with different temperatures or weathers
  • Washable, so protection from germs caused due to sweating
  • Glossy finish


  • Quick fogging of the visor
  • Less sound reduction
  • The airflow may cause distraction.
  • The rider may feel their head is stuffed up

ILM Full Face Helmet Review

  • It has two visors
  • Sound reducing aerodynamic structure.
  • Quick-release chin strap.
  • DOT safety standards approved.
  • Fog reducing function.
  • It has a light-weighted, aerodynamic ABS shell.

The ILM full face street motorcycle helmet is listed among the best motorcycle helmets for warm weather. This helmet provides you with the best as

it has two inbuilt visors, an inner tinted sun visor, and an outer clear face shield. The clear visor could be used for riding at nighttime, while the tinted visor could be used as a sunshade during the daytime.

The function of a face shield is to protect your face from dirt, bugs, or debris flying in your face and probably getting in your eyes, and that is why the clear outer visor, or can say face shield, can also be used during daytime to protect eyes.

Being a full-face helmet, it is surprisingly light weighted, and because of that, most people go for this helmet as compare to other full-face motorcycle helmets when they plan on going for longer rides.

You can easily remove the helmet through the quick-release clasp.


  • Comes with a neck scarf
  • Reduced wind noise
  • It is light weighted
  • Airflow doesn’t cause distraction.
  • Removable and washable inner padding


  • Although it blocks wind noise, it doesn’t restrict all of the distracting noises
  • People complained about having a headache after wearing it.
  • Visors get stuck

ILM Bluetooth Helmet Review

  • It has DOT certification
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
  • It has noise suppression technology
  • sleek structure and is light weighted
  • Aerodynamic design with high resistance ABS shell
  • Adjustable chin strap

The ILM modular motorcycle Helmet has excellent ventilation with numerous vents distributed throughout. It is one of those helmets that has had the privilege to receive the best reviews from buyers and the reason for that could be because it features Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

This Bluetooth technology allows the rider to receive/answer or reject incoming calls as well as redialing calls. It also provides FM radio, GPS, intercom, and music playing functions.

It has comfortable, soft inner padding which is also removable, so you can remove and easily wash it after long rides or after it gets dirty.

Because of its sleek structure and lightweight, this helmet is the best option for those who want a full-face helmet with an aesthetic design. In addition, this helmet also has two built-in high-quality speakers and the rider can also use their cellphone and earphones while riding with the helmet on.


  • Less stress on the head, neck, and shoulders because of the lightweight.
  • High Resistance
  • Stylish and aesthetic design.
  • Wider view with the protection of eyes through dual visors.
  • GPS navigation is compatible with voice commands.


  • The face shield may be a little frail or breakable.
  • Some users complained about the retraction of sun visors.
  • The sides of the helmet are maybe fragile.

Typhoon Bike Helmet Review

  • Meets DOT safety standards
  • Matte finish
  • Lightweight and has a polycarbonate shell
  • It has a well-built ventilation system installed with adjustable vents.
  • It has a quick-release chin strap.
  • The ventilation system is designed as such that the interior part of the helmet always remains cool
  • It allows fresh air-breathing and less suffocation.
  • The inner padding is removable and washable

The Typhoon full-face motorcycle helmet is a lightweight helmet, its outer shell is aerodynamic and is made from a polycarbonate material which makes it lightweight. This helmet has an advanced ventilation system with airflow channels or vents that keeps the inner part of the helmet dry and cool during hot summer days.

The inner cheek padding is soft and comfortable. Many buyers praised this helmet for being a lifesaver, and that would be because of its strong structure and high resistance to the sudden impact caused during accidents. It is reviewed to be one of the best helmets in terms of providing fresh air breathing. The face shield that it comes with is changeable and doesn’t get scratches easily.

It also has a quick-release strap, which makes it easier to remove the helmet immediately, so when the rider is caught in an unfortunate situation he could easily remove the helmet


  • Noise cancellation
  • It keeps the inner temperature cool
  • It allows a wider vision
  • It has a unique design
  • Suitable for both off and on-road rides
  • It comes with goggles and gloves as complete motorcycle gear


  • Face shield fogs up quickly.
  • Measurements may be different from the standard chart.
  • Some buyers complained about-face the shield being fragile.

Biohazard Dual Visor Helmet Review

  • DOT safety standards Certified.
  • dual-visor, one tinted sun visor, and another clear visor
  • Sun visor is adjustable, works as a sunshade/sunglasses
  • The inner padding is removable and washable.
  • light-weighted
  • multiple air vents to ensure less suffocation.
  • It has an aerodynamic shell.
  • The durable outer shell is also lightweight and can take maximum pressure.

Bio-hazard Motorcycle Helmet is a helmet manufactured by a company called IV2. This helmet and the IV2 company have their very own reputation and prominent name in the market. And that is because of the customer satisfaction they have achieved over the years. It has dual visors which ensure maximum protection. One is an inner tinted sun visor that works as a sunshade to protect eyes from harsh sunlight.

The second one is the outer clear visor which works as a barrier to stop the wind from getting in the face and cause distraction. The inner padding this helmet has is very soft and gives a lot of comfort, it is also removable and easily changeable too. It is made from an aerodynamic shell which not only makes it a lightweight helmet but also enables safety against sudden impacts.

This helmet is not only a good option for summer, but it can also be a very good choice for the rainy season and winter. It also comes with a microfiber bag to keep the helmet safe from scratches.


  • This helmet can be handled easily, even when wearing gloves.
  • cool graphics, sophisticated design, and lively color.
  • It can also be worn while going on off-road rides.
  • Wider and clearer vision.
  • It provides safety against severe accidents or impacts.


  • The vents in the inner part of the helmet may not always work as well to keep your head and neck sweat-free.
  • Cheek pads may cause friction and heat.
  • Face shield doesn’t lock down completely in some cases.

ScorpionExo Bike helmet Review

  • This helmet has a drop-down sun visor, which is retractable.
  • The sun visor protects the eyes from harsh sunlight.
  • It also has a clear visor, also called a face shield.
  • LG polycarbonate shell.
  • It has a firm and removable chin bar.
  • The ventilation system has two air inlets.

ScorpionExo Covert helmet is considered to be a hybrid of the half-face helmet and open face helmet.  It comes with dual visors, one is inner tinted sun visor that protects eyes from harsh sunlight and another is a clear outer face shield, which stops dirt and debris from getting into the eyes.

It has a unique and great design so if you’re looking for a fashionable revolutionary helmet, then the Scorpion Covert-X helmet is the best option for you. It has a strong LG polycarbonate outer shell for strong protection. The ventilation system is installed with two air inlets to keep the inner part of the helmet cool and dry and your head and neck sweat-free. The chin bar is removable and adjustable.

This helmet may be considered to be a hybrid between the Scorpion Exo-Fighter and the Exo-Combat Evo. The brand that manufactures these helmets makes helmets with unique designs and often more cool, badass, and street fighter types than others.


  • Unique and fashionable design
  • Great ventilation
  • Visor has an anti-fogging system instilled
  • The front mask is removable
  • It has a fiberglass outer shell
  • Strong shell structure
  • The inner padding liner is comfortable.


  • Ears may hurt because they pushed down while wearing the helmet.
  • Because of the removable chin bar, the rider may not be as safe or protected.
  • The face shield is not waterproof.

FreedConn Dual Visors Helmet Review

  • It is DOT certified.
  • This is a full-face helmet that weighs around 4 lbs.
  • The outer shell is made from ABS material and is light weighted
  • It has Bluetooth technology.
  • It also has an intercom system.
  • The inner padding is made from a soft material, is removable and washable.
  • This helmet has dual-visor with anti-fogging.
  • Wider and clearer vision.
  • Strong, tough, and durable ABS shell.

FreedConn Full Face Helmet is a lightweight helmet that comes with built-in Bluetooth 3.1 technology, which increases the demand for this helmet. Bluetooth technology allows other features like FM radio, dialing, and receiving calls while still riding. This helmet is full face as well as flip-up which makes it more considerable and beneficial to buy.

The outer shell is made from ABS material making it lightweight but also strong and that is why it satisfies DOT standards. It has double visors and both have an anti-fogging function. And both the visors provide a wider and clearer view and are easier to adjust.

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The ventilation system provides sufficient airflow to keep the head dry and cool during long rides on hot days. It comes with a bag. It has a sleek and attractive look.

 This helmet is available in different designs and colors, making it more advantageous to the buyer.


  • It has a sleek and attractive look.
  • Bluetooth 3.1 technology
  • Two built-in speakers.
  • Airflow is sufficient.
  • Inner padding absorbs moisture.
  • The inner sun visor can easily be slid up and down; however, the rider likes it.


  • Wind noise may be loud sometimes and cause distraction.
  • There is not enough amount of padding on the forehead region.
  • Their size may be a little smaller than mentioned in the standard chart.

GLX Unisex-Adult Helmet Review

  • DOT certified helmet
  • It has quick-release chin straps for unfortunate situations.
  • It is light weighted and weighs around 3 to 4 lbs.
  • The outer shell is aerodynamic.
  • The Interior has an EPS liner.
  • The ventilation system it has consisted of 18 ports and three-level airflow channels.
  • The inner cheek padding is removable and can be washed.
  • Optional Bluetooth system.

GLX motorcycle Helmet features a three-level air flow ventilation system. The ventilation system has about eighteen distributed ports along with a three-way airflow system and this may be the cause of this helmet being a perfect choice for warm weather. This DOT-certified helmet is constructed with high-quality ABS material.

This helmet features a dual visor with a retractable inner tinted sun visor. It has a quick-release chin clasp which makes this helmet more beneficial for unfortunate situations. Many people who have bought this helmet reviewed it to be a lifesaver for them, because of its strong shell and easily accessible chin strap.

The inner padding has an EPS liner which works as a strong shield against sudden pressure. It also offers Bluetooth technology but that is optional and depends on if the rider wants that feature to be in their helmet or not. It has an aerodynamic structure that ensures lightweight.

It is very comfortable to wear and is available in several different colors. It has received a lot of positive reviews from buyers.


  • The aerodynamic structure ensures quiet rides.
  • Available in 6 different colors.
  • The inner sun visor can easily be slid up and down; however, the rider likes it.
  • The modular design it has, enables it to be a full face and open face helmet; however, the rider likes.
  • The air vents in the chin bar enable anti-fogging


  • Some users complained that the sun visor gets stuck.
  • People complained that it is too heavy.
  • Doesn’t protect the neck.

YEMA Motorbike Helmet Review

  • It is DOT certified.
  • light weighted and weighs around 3 to 4 lbs.
  • The outer shell is aerodynamic.
  • The Interior has an EPS liner.
  • The chin bar is strengthened and durable.
  • It has a dual-visor system, and both the visors are adjustable.
  • The inner tinted visor works as a sunshade/sunglasses.

YEMA motorcycle helmet is a flip-up helmet. It offers a strong and durable outer shell that is made from aerodynamic material. It is light weighted and strong. It comes in unique designs and various colors. This helmet is a great choice for street bike riding and cruisers, because of its compatibility with that environment and also the design ghat it comes in.

The inner padding has EPS liner, is removable as well as washable, and is very comfortable and soft. It has dual visors which are easily adjustable and accessible. The chin bar is durable. The outer clear visor provides a wide and clear view as well as protects eyes from dirt, bugs, distracting air, and debris.

This helmet is considered to be one of the safest helmets out there and that is why it has DOT certification. This helmet is not only good for hot weather but can also function well during every season.


  • It has a modern and cool design.
  • It is comfortable and snuggly.
  • Works great for all seasons.
  • Very strong shell.
  • The inner padding liner is removable and washable.


  • Face shield material is a little frail and delicate.
  • The flip-up mechanism may not be a good idea for everyone.
  • Some buyers complained that the helmet is flimsy.
  • Chinstrap doesn’t tighten all the way.

AHR Run-F Full Face Helmet Review

  • It is DOT approved.
  • Numerous air vents create an airflow.
  • It has a dual-visor system, which enhances the vision.
  • Both visors have an anti-scratch function.
  • It has an aerodynamic ABS shell design.
  • Inner cheek padding is removable and can be washed.

AHR motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet that comes with double visors. One is an inner tinted sun visor, which provides the function of a  sunshade or sunglasses. The other one is an outer and clear visor which gives protection against blowing and distracting wind and also dirt from getting in the eyes. And you will be surprised to know that you can switch between the two visors with just a click of a button. Both visors are also scratch-free.

It’s ventilation system has numerous airflow channels to create a good airflow and decrease the heat inside the helmet. The shell of this helmet is made from aerodynamic ABS material. The interior is soft and is removable as well as washable, which ensures sanitization and protection from germs. It is also a safe option for many unfortunate situations because of its easy-to-unstrap chin clasp.

This helmet is a really good, reliable, and efficient choice for people who want to use it on a daily basis. Because of their lightweight, they are pretty much in demand.


  • It has amazing resistance to the sudden impact.
  • Minimum wind noise distraction.
  • It is light weighted.
  • It has a quick-release chin strap.
  • The outer shell provides the best protection.


  • The face shield fogs up too easily.
  • Their size may be a little smaller than mentioned in the standard chart.
  • Cheek padding is too thin.
  • Hard to handle with the gloves on.


This buying guide is aimed to provide you with every point aspect of the hot weather motorcycle helmets so that you can decide the best for yourself.

Before you buy your next summer motorcycle helmet, make sure to consider all features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Although there are so many options in the market (and it’s true that they’re making your decision difficult), there will always be an option that is best for you, so if you’re not still satisfied, you can check out our ultimate helmet buying guide, in which we have described every aspect of a standard motorcycle helmet.